Permits & Certificates

Licenced to take waste, metals & vehicles.

Please click on the link’s below for our permits. PDF format. If you have any problems viewing these files, please contact our site office and we will be happy to email you a copy.

About Us

L.C. Hughes is a family owned business spanning three generations, first established in 1968 by Leonard Charles Hughes.

The site was once a POW camp for German & Italian prisoners and some of the surrounding features from that time can still be seen within the yard. L.C. Hughes Partnership today is a well-established successful firm thanks to the local community and surrounding businesses within Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire who continue to scrap their waste metals at our site.

Money Back on your Metals!

Our main area of expertise is scrap metal. This puts us in a unique position to value your metals and offer you money back once we have completed the clearance job. The value would all depend on the type and quantity of metal but every little helps keeps your costs down.